Emerging Sectors

National Security & Defence

Through years of experience in security and technology, NZITG is now expanding into the defence and national security industry. We look forward to developing custom products, systems and consulting for our nation.


From deploying a range of networking solutions to maintaining I.T infrastructure and security systems. NZITG works with schools to ensure budgets are spent accordingly. Education providers will gain access to our supplier network and consultants to drive sustainable decisions.


Healthcare technology is critical to any nation, especially in the wake of cyber attacks and virus pandemics. Talk to us about products your organisation would like to integrate. Learn about how we can mitigate and put redundancies in place to ensure your operational efficiency.

1,700+ Satellites Launched to Space

Providing Remote New Zealanders with Gigabit Networks

365 Cyber is an IT services & cyber security system developed by NZITG. We provide a way for businesses to efficiently run their I.T operations while maintaining a strong level of security. Through world class providers such as (Microsoft, BitDefender, Atera) 365 Cyber can monitor and service your I.T needs whenever, wherever.

Unlike other IT providers that mesh together different systems and try make something work. 365 Cyber integrates what is industry proven, compliant and reliable. As a result our clients have less issues and more up time.

Surveillance & Security

Surveillance and security has come a long way since 10 years ago. IP technology has taken off, allowing cameras to be networked together and valuable insight and analytics to be pulled. With this emerging tech brings on new challenges to organisations.

NZITG offers NDDA (National Defence Authorization Act) compliant cameras with its’ offerings. These applications are ideal for high security environments, (Government Properties, Airport, Military) and any organisation that values their data and privacy.