CCTV Surveillance

Surveillance technology has improved dramatically in the last 10 years. With IP technology, photographic lenses and artificial intelligence, your organisation can be well protected. Talk to us about the vast solutions available to suit your requirements.

Alarms & Monitoring

An alarm system is an effective intrusion prevention method. With a variety of sensors, detectors among multiple brands, you can be assured there is a system to suit your use case.

Access Control Systems

An access control system can allow your organisation effectively monitor and manage who has access to key areas and at what times. Through swipe/tap cards, fingerprint, iris scanner, pin entry. We have a solution for any environment.

Security Bug Sweep

Corporate espionage is becoming more common than ever. NZITG and it’s team of security specialists can sweep and track for bugs, listening devices and any security breaches that may leave your meetings or business vulnerable.

Asset GPS Tracking

Asset tracker is designed for defending your assets. With asset GPS tracker, you can keep eye on your asset and enhance security anytime anywhere. It provides real-time monitoring and can send out instant alarm in urgent cases.

Custom Projects

Designing custom projects from the ground up is what we do best at NZITG. With a full tailored team of software developers, robotics, CAD design we can make your projects come to life.