NZIGT (Weta Systems) was tasked with a custom proposal from Ross Reid contractors who are in charge of major development sites across Auckland. Due to the high number of thefts and vandalism to multi million dollar machinery Ross Reid was in need of a reliable security system to deter and capture key moments. NZIGT (Weta Systems) proposed a system, designed and engineered by Rish Nair (Rishant Nair) a former Pakuranga College & University of Auckland pupil. Rish (Rishant) Nair was the lead engineer on this project down from the fabrication & technological systems involved. What came to be was a Self Sustainable Solar Powered CCTV & Alarm Tower with mobile alerts, live monitoring on sites, motion detectors and back up power supply.

The system has been used by Ross Reid for almost a year now and has paid for itself with capturing evidence, monitoring health & safety on site and to check up on site when off site. The system continues to go under small upgrades to improve the reliability and performance. We would like to thank Ross Reid Contractors for trusting us with such complex project and Metal Repair Systems (Warren Tyer) for their workmanship in the fabrication of the pole & structures.

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